NIOSH and CSA Approved Products



Designed to provide the highest level of safety and performance, PureFlo products undergo our own rigorous testing, and are customized to meet the varying regulatory standards within the global market, including NIOSH and CSA.  Review our currently approved NIOSH and CSA products and the latest innovations that are expected to receive approval soon.



NIOSH and CSA Approved

In addition to our own rigorous testing processes, all these products have been tested and approved by NIOSH and CSA. Choose from: the PureFlo ESM PAPRs, head mounted, completely self-contained PAPRs designed for maximum mobility and protection from particulate hazards (PF50 for light duty industries; PF60 for medium to heavy duty industries); the PureFlo Hydra PAPR, a waist mounted PAPR for use in medium and heavy industrial and welding environments; and the PureFlo Airline SAR, for applications where continuous flow, low or high pressure air is available.

Readying for NIOSH and CSA Approval

Currently readying for NIOSH and CSA approval, these next generation PureFlo ESM PAPRs (PF50 for light duty industries; PF60 for medium to heavy duty industries) give you all the same features plus more battery life, improved self monitoring systems, lighter weight and more.

Coming Soon!

Currently in development, this all-in-one modular respirator is ideal for a wide range of applications, including manufacturing, welding, construction, pharmaceuticals, medical, health care, and energy.