New Ops-Core AMP Communication Headset

3D Hear-Through and Advanced hearing protectiON in a MISSION configurable design

Ops-Core headsets are designed to maintain natural hearing and sound localization. Advanced 3D Hear-Through technology and hearing protection capabilities in the Ops-Core AMP Communication Headset enhance situational awareness and user safety. For optimal flexibility and performance, the modular headset can be easily configured to meet a wide range of mission needs with options for headband or helmet mounted use, single or double hearing protection, single or multi-channel communications, and changeable Camo Skins.

  • World Class Audio Quality
  • 3D Hear-Through Technology
  • Optional NFMI (Near Field Magnetic Induction) Earplugs
  • Mission Configurable Capability
  • Quick Release Downlead Connections
  • Noise Cancelling Microphone
  • Integrated Microphone Mounting and Connection Point
  • Ergonomic Earseals
  • Auto Shutdown
  • Fail-Safe Communications
  • Camo Skin Sets Available


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Advanced technologies enhance situational awareness while providing advanced hearing protection and clear communications in the most demanding environments. 


  • Restores and enhances “natural hearing” of outside environment for improved situational awareness.
  • Ear-simulator design reproduces ambient sounds with a high degree of directional accuracy, while also providing robust hearing protection.


  • Headband or helmet mounted use
  • Single or double hearing protection
  • Single or multi-channel communications



Choose from a comprehensive suite of Camo Skin Sets:  Alpine, Arid, Tropic, Black, and Forest Green. 

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