Industrial Safety

Worry Free Protection

Sold under the Gentex, PureFlo, Aegisound, Dual Mirror, and Filtron brands, Gentex Corporation’s worry free family of industrial safety solutions protect people from immediate and long-term health and safety hazards present in their work environments, while enhancing workplace performance.

Protecting people from workplace health & safety hazards while enhancing performance

  • Respiratory Protection

    Our field proven PureFlo respirators can be configured to match your exact needs. Innovative designs provide integrated respiratory, head, face, and eye protection, which guard against industry hazards while enhancing end user mobility, comfort, and workplace performance.

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  • Hearing Protection

    Our Aegisound and Gentex hearing protection and communication products, with advanced noise suppression, provide industry leading hearing protection (up to 150 dB) for industrial personnel operating in high performance environments.

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  • Communications

    For precise intelligible communications in extreme noise fields, plus industry leading hearing protection, our Aegisound and Gentex hearing protection and communications products provide solutions to suit a wide range of industrial environments.

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  • High Heat and Molten Protection

    As the global leader in high-performance OEM aluminized fabrics, Dual Mirror has been delivering the most durable fabrics in the industry for over 50 years. These field proven fabrics have endless uses, but are primarily used to create garments worn by firefighters and industrial workers operating in high-heat environments.

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  • Light Management

    Our innovative and proven OEM light management technology, Filtron, is incorporated in the manufacture of specialty polymer materials and high-performance plastic products such as laser light shields for research, healthcare, military, and manufacturing personnel; security and indicator lights; and light filters for Night Vision Goggles.

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Over 125 Years of Innovation

Our philosophy of continually reinvesting in our employees, our customers, and our capabilities and technologies reflects in the quality of our products and the game-changing innovations our people have made for over a century. View our historical timeline, which celebrates those innovations and activities that have had a profound impact on advancing the performance capability and safety of our customers.

innovation timeline

In-House Design & Engineering, Manufacturing and Testing

Continued investment in state-of-the-art in-house design, manufacturing and testing facilities brings Gentex Corporation’s innovative solutions to life and into the hands of customers quickly, with quality they can count on.

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  • Industry Leading R&D

    Our research and technological development focuses on creating innovative technologies that advance product performance and protection capabilities.

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  • Advanced Product Capabilities

    Our products deliver a comprehensive set of advanced capabilities to support the diverse mission, duty, and job requirements of our customers, which they perform in some of the harshest environments on earth.

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