Life Support Testers

Built to rigorous military requirements, our highly capable and reliable test equipment will meet and exceed all of your needs from the back shop to the flight line.

Advanced Life Support Integrated Tester (ALSIT)

This portable, advanced test set with a self-contained blower is easily stored and provides pilots and life support technicians the ability to easily conduct pre-flight activities, scheduled inspections, and maintenance activities on various Gentex oxygen masks. The ALSIT leverages the design fielded by the F-35 Program.


Life Support Integrated Tester (LSIT) with Self Contained Air Source (SCAS)

Sold separately, these products combine to provide functional testing of the Gentex HGU-55/P Fixed Wing Helmet System COMBAT EDGE configuration and its derivatives, offering reliable checks for Gentex MBU-20/P and MBU-23/P Oxygen Masks, Gentex CRU-94/P Integrated Terminal Block, Gentex CRU-60/P Connector, CSU-17/P vest assembly and PBG Chest Mounted Regulator, plus various lower Anti-G garments. Sold separately, the Self Contained Air Source provides filltered air to perform all aircrew life support equipment component tests, initial fitting, and pre-flight checkout, replacing the need for compressed air bottles.


Aircrew Systems Tester (AST)

Portable; supports three basic functions needed to provide aircrews with life support testing: oxygen masks and regulators; oxygen mask/helmet communications; and pre-flight checkout of pilot/aircrew equipment. The AST will test the Gentex MBU-23/P, MBU-20/P, MBU-12/P, and HA/LP Oxygen Masks; CRU-series regulators, including CRU-82/P, CRU-88/P and CRU-103/P; and 10 VDC, 28 VDC, Dynamic, and Electret communications sets. Tester does not perform the initial fitting.