Our ALPHA helmet systems are designed to meet the demands of the ever-increasing range of duties of those involved in rescue operations including law enforcement, air ambulance, and fire service personnel.  These rugged helmet systems are also ideal for forestry and crop spraying.

Eagle Rotary Wing Helmet System

For pilots in commercial operations, including law enforcement, air ambulance, fire services, forestry, and crop spraying, the ALPHA Eagle Rotary Wing Helmet System is the most versatile helmet system available. With fit and stability optimized for flying with NVGs, the advanced system also offers a wide range of sizes, colors, and visor options; communications components; and hearing protection options, including Active Hearing Noise Reduction.


900 Search and Rescue Cross-Platform Helmet System

Optimized for air-to-sea search and rescue operations, the ALPHA 900 SAR is the world’s first water-proof rotary wing helmet system. Based on the design adopted by the U.K. MoD, the IP67 certified system reduces maintenance with a waterproof and salt-fog resistant comms system, which also prevents related comms failures; a watertight communications downlead; and corrosion resistant hardware and nape adjustment. Optimized for interfacing to common SAR radios and configurable for all major aircraft intercom systems, the helmet also provides an additional 2 dB(A) passive attenuation (vs. the standard ALPHA 900 helmet system) for added hearing protection.