Aircrew Rotary Wing Helmet Systems

ALPHA aircrew rotary wing helmets systems are all designed to provide unparalleled capabilities with exceptional safety.

400 Rotary Wing Helmet System

The ALPHA 400 Rotary Wing Helmet System is a multi-fit rotary wing passenger helmet system designed specifically for passengers and/or casual use in helicopters, and non-ejection seat aircraft passengers with key features that include quick and easy don and doff; compatible with multiple platforms for multiple applications; maximum comfort, excellent retention and outstanding optical clarity; and unique multi-fit system with easy adjustment to fit a wide range of head sizes.


Eagle Rotary Wing Helmet System

The ALPHA Eagle Rotary Wing Helmet System is the most versatile rotary wing helmet system available for commercial operations including airborne law enforcement, air ambulance, fire services, forestry, and crop spraying. Users can select from a wide range of visor options, communications components, including plugs, connectors, and boom microphones, and hearing protection options, including ANR. The ALPHA Eagle also provides optimized fit and stability for flying with Night Vision Goggles. Five shell sizes are available in a variety of colors and finishes to optimize the fit and personalization of the helmet system.