Aircrew Cross Platform Helmet Systems

Adopted by the U.K. MoD, our advanced, scalable, and highly configurable ALPHA 900 line of military helmet systems is the only aircrew helmet platform that supports both fixed and rotary wing applications, reducing the logistics trail for those responsible for supporting both helmet platforms.

900 Cross Platform Helmet System

Featuring a modern and lightweight design, the ALPHA 900 Cross-Platform Helmet System replaces U.K. and other fielded ALPHA helmets. Designed to be configured for fixed and rotary wing platforms, the ALPHA 900 is an optimal solution for users looking to reduce their logistics trail as the helmet system can be configured to provide a variety of capabilities to suit the flight operation’s specific requirements. The ALPHA 900 is compatible with a wide range of aircraft communication systems, NVGs, Laser Protective Visors, and other helmet system upgrades, including new Aircrew Helmet Noise Reduction (AHNR) technology for protection against increased noise exposure and longer missions. The modern, lightweight military helmet system combines decades of experience as the U.K. MoD’s design authority for aircrew helmets with the latest developments in military helmet technology.


900 Search and Rescue Cross-Platform Helmet System

Based on the design adopted by the U.K. MoD, and developed in partnership with wet-winch search and rescue aircrew in Bristow Helicopters, the ALPHA 900 Search and Rescue (SAR) Cross-Platform Helmet System is the world’s first waterproof rotary wing helmet system optimized for any search and rescue aircrew personnel conducting air-to-sea operations. Leveraging the modern and lightweight design of the ALPHA 900 Cross-Platform helmet shell, the ALPHA 900 SAR features corrosion-resistant hardware, plus a waterproof and salt-fog resistant communications system to ensure continued performance when exposed to water and spray. Optimized for interfacing to common SAR radios and configurable for all major aircraft intercom systems, the ALPHA 900 SAR is the ideal solution for aircrew operating near water.